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sshtui is a cli tool based on ssh for managing ssh connecctions via terminal. Inspired by lf and ranger file managers, written in python curses.

It is lightweight (~250 lines of code) and easy to customize. Supports mouse navigation as well as keyboard navigation.

Key bindings

For ssh

You can customize these bindings or add extra bindings in KEY_BINDINGS variable of sshtui in a row #6:

  • Enter - connect to host


  • letters - enter filter mode and apply filter
  • Escape - exit filter mode or sshtui itself
  • Backspace - remove letter from filter
  • arrow keys, PgUp, PgDn, Home, End - navigation


  • python3
  • ~/.ssh/config file created with hosts inside it


Download latest sshtui:

curl -O "https://git.digitalstudium.com/digitalstudium/sshtui/raw/branch/main/sshtui"

Then install it:

sudo install ./sshtui /usr/local/bin/